Frequently asked body painting questions

Frequently asked body painting questions

Here is a list of frequently asked body painting questions.  Contact me with any other questions not listed here.   Where can do I book with you? Clicking here   to book an appointment with me

Preparation Questions

Do I have to shave? Yes, it is recommended that you shave to achieve the best results. How do you come up with ideas? I always like to collaborate with my clients.  Picture examples are helpful.  I will come up with a design that is sketched out and then shown to my client.  We pick out the design that the client wants. Makeup safe for my skin? If you have allergies, you should always let your makeup artist know, but all makeup that I use is safe for skin.  We can always do a test area, if you have ever had any issues. Here is the product list of makeup that is used. European Body Art – Vibe & Endura Paints ProAiir – Temporary Alochol Ink Wolfe FX – Hydrocolor Palettes Kryolan – Aquacolor & Powders

During The Process

How long does the process take? Well that depends on the design and level of detail.  Anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours.  The typical body painting piece can take about an hour straight through. Is the makeup waterproof? There are different types of makeup.  The water based makeup used is water resistant.  Alcohol based makeup is waterproof. What to do when getting painted? Recommended that clients eat and hydrated before standing for long periods of time.  When standing , I always ask clients to slightly bend their knees, so that blood can flow freely.  Be still as possible and no sudden movements. Is it safe to breath in? You should always try to airbrush in a well ventilated areas to reduce any inhalation.   If concerned, it’s recommend to get a face mask which you can pick up at a local hardware or paint store.

After The Process

How do you remove the makeup? Water based makeup – apply need is soap and water Alcohol based makeup – then use 90% or higher rubbing alcohol Silicon based makeup –  try saline solution Latex based makeup- try baby oil or mineral oil.