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Diana McCallister Arias

Diana McCallister Arias

Diana McCallister Arias is a makeup artist / body painter specializing in high premium body painting.  She started body painting in 2007.  She has created a name for herself in Los Angeles as a premier body painter.   Diana has always been an artist from a very young age. Only high quality makeup is used to achieve any look that comes to mind when body painting. What separates Diana and her team from the rest is her ability to work fast without losing the integrity of work.  She is extremely professional while keeping models at ease and enjoying themselves. Her work has included filming, music videos, events, campaigns and photo shoots.  The job is fulfilled to meet the clients expectations and beyond, even under an extreme time crunch.   We believe you will find Diana to be the best artist for airbrush makeup in Los Angeles. Diana has experience in all forms of art.  She has a fine arts degree specializing in photography and graphic design.  She is passionate about painting and drawing.   As a result, she has extended her skill set to makeup and special makeup effects.  Talented in both airbrushing makeup and free hand painting. All body painting assistants train in body painting and makeup artistry.  In addition, some assistants are hair stylists.  We like to make sure that not only the body painting looks great but the hair as well. In addition, we have amazing photographers & videographers on staff to work any type of event. Clients include Bravo TV, Comedy Central, Germany’s Next Top Model, Austria’s Next Top Model, Puma, A&E, Frankie Grande, The Abbey, White Party, Masterbeat, Allegria, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Nervo, Club Papi, Richs are just some of OneStep2Far | Diana McCallister Arias’s clients.  Check out press / media page

Amazing Services

One Step 2 Far is what body painting in Los Angeles is all about. OneStep2Far is pushing the envelope with body painting to create dynamic visuals. Diana McCallister Arias, the premier body painter in LA, is known in the field for her ability to work fast creating stunning pieces for photo shoots, club events, corporate, television and more. One Step 2 Far is based in Los Angeles, California but has traveled globally making ideas become reality through body painting.

Body Painting

I specialize in premium high quality body painting and I am available for all kinds of events. Body Painting is the perfect marketing, promotional and entertainment solution for a wide range of events such as grand openings, club events, corporate parties, promotions, prenatal maternity and more. You can check out my online portfolio of my body painting work to get an idea of my work.


Makeup is fun with you want a funky look or to look flawless with a natural subtle look it can be achieved. Great team of makeup artist skilled in both traditional and airbrush to give you the best look possible. It's really amazing what makeup can do not only for your appearance but your confidence.

Special Effects

The wonders of special makeup effects is fascinating. To completely transform a person from their natural state into a creature is pretty fun. Thou some of the process takes a very long time, the end results are always worth the wait. We do prosthetic application to give your character that wow factor. Currently perfecting the art of making prosthetics

Creative Director

Need help in coming up with a creative concept?  From Events to Photo shoots, I can set the wheels in motion for an amazing turn out.  I can create, cast, implement the vision from concept to production.

Event Casting

Casting events can be daunting.  I have worked with so many different performers and models that I have developed a large database of excellent prospects.

Halloween Bookings

If you want to wow your friends and strangers during Halloween.  Click Here to book an appointment for the Halloween season.  Prices vary based on design and detail.

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May 27, 2017 0 comments

Water Base vs Alcohol Base Makeup

Water Base Makeup formulas is a little thinner, it blends over the skin smoothly and evenly with less effort than most oil-based liquid makeup.  The makeup is easily removed with soap and water.   Alcohol-based foundation, which is usually combined with water, provides very sheer coverage, is extremely light, and won’t clog pores. Alcohol Base […]

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September 3, 2016 0 comments

Glow with Blacklight Makeup

Black light makeup is a fun medium to use especially for club and nightlife events.  I always recommend having a black light on handle to make sure  you achieve your desired effect.  The best blacklight makeup, I have used is Kryolan for hand painting and ProAir & European Body Art for Airbrush. The video is […]

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July 27, 2016 0 comments

Ellen Show

Ellen Show Clip – I had the great pleasure of body painting for the Ellen Degenerous TV show with special guest Ryan Gosling.  I did a camouflage body painting of the model into the Painting and wall to blend in.  It was definitely a fun day.

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